Themartshop - Important Meths For Flag Care

Flag Care

    How long should a custom made flag last? A common question we always get,but there is no exact answer.Since the life span of custom flags depends on several factors, such as the materials of flags and weather condition.The government generally expects a polyester flag to last approximately 180 days based on daily usage( not during inclement weather).

Here some suggestions to help you enjoy your new custom made flags or custom banner longer:

  • Do not expose your custom made flag in rain, snow or exceptionally high winds; these forces of nature can shorten a flag’s life considerably. Should the flag become wet, it should be carefully spread out and allowed to dry completely. Never fold or roll-up a wet or damp flag.
  • Clean your flags regularly to keep your custom made flag or custom banner looking bright. When the flag gets dirty and needs minor repairs, take it down,repair and then wash it.Do not let your custom flag or custom banner stand in the wash water or colors may run. Hang to dry or tumble dry immediately on “air cycle”.
  • Custom made flags or custom banners are expected to last between 6 and 12 months,also lasted less than 3 months on occasion.(Generally ,they can  last two years, but in fact, the life of flags are depending how you care the flags).

For a longer life , the most important suggestion for you is to place your custom made flag  in dark circumstances .